To buy a subscription, go to the "Rates" menu and select the rate that suits you best. Your balance will be deducted instantly, and you'll be able to subscribe right away.

You can refill your balance in two ways: one is refilling via VISA/MasterCard using the FONDY payment gateway, and the other is by sending MANN CO. SUPPLY CRATE KEY to our bot. You can top up your balance here.

On some sites you can see the gray prices next to the main prices, it may be the prices that we get by default, and then converted to dollars at the rate that is specified in the settings of the table. There are also reverse cases when we convert prices to the currency of your choice.

This exchange rate we get from third-party sites, and we update it daily, and there is also a manual choice of conversion in the settings of the commission.

We have full instructions on how to use our table in the library of the site - the item "Instruction".

We are only intermediaries between you and your earnings. Our task is to simplify your work, not to teach you how to make the right exchanges. For this, there are educational channels on YouTube.

To set the commission there is a separately created item in the menu called "Commission", there you can specify the percentage of commission for any site.

In the free version, you have full access to any table or section on our site. The only limitation you will get is the displayed price of the item - up to a maximum of $5.

Quick transitions - this is the editor of quick transitions to the trading floor, just specify the checkboxes which quick transitions you would like to see in the table.

Yes, we've developed a dark-colored table specifically for night work. To set the dark version of the table, go to the profile, find the design window, and choose the style you are most comfortable with.

Don't forget that each site charges a commission. For safety's sake, we give net prices, and you already look at the price on the site with the commission deducted, and we have already factored in the commission percentage.

We are not responsible for any damages you incur as a result of using our products.

Items with an exclamation mark near the price have the status of "Overstock" or "Unstable". Works with sites: CS.Money, Loot.farm, TradeIt.gg, CS.Trade, Swap.gg and others.

Yes, go to "Profile" and select one of the two formulas.

All quick transitions are user-configurable here. Select the fast transitions you want in the table, and then save your settings. In the table, hover over fast transitions and scroll the mouse wheel up or down, so you will switch fast transitions directly in the table. The table will remember all changes.