Instruction: classic table

Site selection

The selection of sites is done by one click on the name, the upper row sets the left part of the column for comparison, the lower row sets the right part. You can set the required number of sites in the settings, and then move the row by clicking on the side arrows or by pressing the left mouse button to move it with a sweep.


The table offers two way filtering by bot and similarly by price, and you can also filter values by percentage or item by name.


There is a function to sort columns from larger to smaller, just click on the column you want to sort.

Auto-update data from our server

You can enable and disable auto refresh directly in the table. The minimum value in the "Auto Refresh" field is five seconds.

Filter the items by quantity

You can filter items by quantity, to do this, specify in the "From:" field (default 1) and "To:" the interval of pieces you want to see.

Display items "N" minutes ago

Display items whose price was updated "N" minutes ago, default 360 minutes.

Number of sales per week on trading platforms

Number of sales per week on trading platforms: the filter works with any platform, by default from 0 sales.

Price Editor

Price editor: by clicking twice on a price, the table disables auto-update and you can specify your own price for later calculation. Enable auto-refresh to return the current prices.

Number of items on the bot and filtering

If you hover over "Bots", you can see which bots the item is on and their number. If you click on the bot number, you can filter the values in the table.

Price Update

If you hover over the price - you can see when the item was last updated.

Table design

By going to profile, you will be able to customize the table layout to your liking.

StatTrak, sticker, souvenir and Overstock

Turn the switch to the "OFF" position to clear them from the table.

Quick transition

When you hover over one of them, you will be able to change the links to the marketplaces directly in the table itself, just start spinning the mouse wheel by hovering over one of the bars.


Items with an exclamation mark next to the price have the status "Overstock" or "Unstable".