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Site selection

Use two buttons to select sites: the left button controls the left column of the table and is related to the purchase of the item, while the right button relates to the right column and represents the deposit.

Site selection menu

In the site selection menu you can see the "Status" of each site, it can be available or disabled indefinitely, for example, during site maintenance. In addition, there are "Stock" and "Float" columns in the menu, indicating whether the site supports overstock and float functions.

Game selection

Select a game using the suggested drop-down list.

Automatic data update

You can enable or disable automatic updating of data in the table. In the input field you can set the refresh interval in seconds.

Filters of the number of sales per week

You can filter the data in the table by the number of sales on certain sites by entering the required number in the appropriate input field.


There are a number of basic filters for working with the table. The $ filter allows you to limit the results to a specific range of value. The N filter is used to filter by number of items, also within a certain range. Filter F is used to filter by float of items, provided this feature is supported by the selected site, with a maximum value of 1. Finally, filter D allows filtering by the number of days of tradelock data, provided this is supported by the site.

Additional filters

The table shows various additional filters. For example, the SOUVENIR filter, when disabled, hides items with the word SOUVENIR in their names. The OVERSTOCK filter, when disabled, hides items labeled as OVERSTOCK, but this is only possible if the corresponding site supports this feature. The FAVORIT filter, when enabled, only shows items that you have marked with a "heart". The STATTRAK filter acts similarly to the SOUVENIR filter, hiding items with STATTRAK in the title. The STICKERS filter is used to filter out sticker-type items.

Additional features

Use the NOTIFICATION button to enable audible notifications. As soon as an item that matches all the filters you have set appears in the table, you will hear a beep at the interval specified in the Auto Refresh field. The MY ITEMS function displays the items in your inventory (you must first perform an inventory scan in the table settings). The PERCENT function shows the percentage of income or loss. If you disable it, the absolute values of income or loss will be displayed instead of percentages. You can also change the currency displayed on all sites simultaneously. The following currencies are available: USD, EUR, UAH, RUB, CNY, KZT.

Commission settings

Each venue has a default commission that is used in the formula to correctly display profit or loss. You can change this parameter by clicking on the percentage indicated next to the selected venue name associated with the deposit.

Exchange rate settings

In the upper part of the table you will find the exchange rate setting. Select the desired exchange rate and set your value. If you set the value equal to 0, our automatic exchange rate will be applied, which is updated daily.

Additional settings

The PROFILES function allows you to create pre-configured profiles with selected filters and sites. By clicking on a specific profile, the table will automatically apply the settings from that profile. The BLACK LIST function removes from the table those items that match the criteria you specify. The RESET button returns the table settings to their original state. In addition, a filter for working with percentages is presented below.

Settings 1 of 2

In the "Language" section you can choose the language of the table display. The "Float" function gives you the possibility to hide the float column. With "Market Link" you can adapt the link for quick access to the Marketplace (choice between new and old site). Additionally, when hovering over a quick link, you can change the currency of recent sales. In the Steam section, set the desired currency for the Steam site. By default, prices come in dollars, and conversion is performed at the rate set in the table settings.

Recent sales

On some sites, a function to display recent sales is available. The number of sales for the last week is displayed next to the quick link. If you hover over this link, you will see the minimum, average and maximum price for the last 7 days, as well as the average or last price for the previous 10 days or sales.

Settings 2 of 2

Under "Formula" you can select a formula for calculating profit and loss percentages. "Inventory" allows you to load the inventory for the selected game to highlight the items you have in yellow; you can later filter these items through the MY ITEMS filter. Use the "API" to access up-to-date pricing data on venues, only available to users with purchased API access. "Left/Right URL" provides the ability to customize left and right quick transitions, by default the table applies transitions for the selected venue. If you are experiencing issues after our last update, "Full Reset" will allow you to perform a full restore of the table settings. "End session" ends the current session and allows you to exit the table.

Overstock or unstable price

Some sites have set a maximum amount of a certain item that can be accepted. If this value is displayed in red, it is likely that the item will no longer be accepted because the maximum value has been reached or because its value is unstable.

Price analysis

Use the comparison panel to analyze the prices of the selected product on different sites. To quickly open it, left-click on the profit/loss percentage or on the product price and select "compare prices".

Planned actions

You can create a task and the table will check the condition you set every minute. As soon as the condition is met, you will receive a notification via your browser. The feature is currently in the testing phase, so you can create no more than three conditions at a time.